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I am so over Covid-19

I am so over Covid-19. But I am seeing signs of a slow return to norm along with some new and exciting ways to sparkle.

Hi, it’s Sam again and I am here to tell you, people are so sparkling creative!

With this thing keeping us cooped up it was just a matter of time before the sparkle worked its way out. People are coming together and finding new ways to celebrate life’s momentous occasions. One lady wrote me that her daughter so missed going to daycare and seeing her teachers and friends. When it came to her birthday it was going to be rather sad for her until her teachers took it upon themselves to call and say they wanted to do a drive by birthday celebration. Moments later a caravan of cars came down her block with streamers and balloons and, you guessed it, sparklers! What a joy it would have been to see that little girls face as she stood in the driveway as everyone waved and honked and wished her a happy birthday.

My own nephew, who unfortunately lives far from me, had to change up his graduation plans last minute due to all this. But the school got creative and added some sparkle to the occasion. Each student drove through a parking lot where a stage was setup just as it would have been in the school auditorium. With family and friends (and of course sparklers lol) cheering him on , he got out of the car and crossed the stage to receive his diploma. It was broadcast live on Facebook and it was a wonderful celebration of his achievement.

Covid has changed much for us lately but the American people have stood strong and are resilient indeed. We have had to adapt our warehouse procedures as well to keep our workers safe. We keep a clean, tight ship these days. We still have fun though.

And plenty of sparkle!

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