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What Are Sparklers? And Why We Love Them!

To make a sparkler you take an iron rod and paste some chemicals to it. You mix powdered metals like magnesium and copper with an oxidizer to keep it burning, heat it up to over one thousand degrees and wa’ la’, sparklers!

Hi, I’m Sam and I am so glad you are here! Now that we have covered the boring how of sparklers, let’s talk about the romantic, fun, and exciting why. Ever since my first sparkler as a little girl I have been fascinated with sparklers. In a child’s eye, they are magical! To this day they still hold the magic of transporting me back to that little girl, if only for a moment. We can hold magic in our hands!

Sparkle is a verb, a noun, and an adjective. Sparkle is in our everyday lives. “Her eyes sparkle “, “She sparkled in that dress”, “the sparkle of desire”. I love bringing sparkle to people’s lives, being a part of a joyful celebration of life events.

In the coming weeks, we will talk more about ways to bring some magic, some sparkle into our lives! Please feel free to comment and suggest topics, I would love to hear about ways you bring sparkle into your life and the ones around you.



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